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  1. Should You Upgrade Your House Before You Sell?2024/07/08
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  2. How to Election-Proof your Finances2024/07/05
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  3. Will I Ever Feel Ok Spending Money for Fun?2024/07/03
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  4. Should I Sell My Assets to Pay Off Credit Card Debt?2024/07/01
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  5. Are Financial Advisors Worth It? (The Truth Finally Exposed!)2024/06/28
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  6. Is Retiring Early Really Worth It?2024/06/26
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  7. Should I Stop Investing to Save for a House?2024/06/24
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  8. 4 Signs You’re Saving Too Much for Retirement2024/06/21
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  9. How to Build an Emergency Fund the Right Way2024/06/19
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  10. I Drained My Emergency Fund - What Do I Do Now?2024/06/17
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  11. 5 Financial Decisions That Changed Our Lives (And Can Change Yours, Too!)2024/06/14
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  12. Is It Ever Okay to Break the 20/3/8 Car Buying Rule?2024/06/12
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  13. Are You Ready to Retire Early?2024/06/10
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  14. Everything You Know About the Rich Is WRONG!2024/06/07
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  15. I’m ONLY Getting My 401(k) Match - Is That Enough?2024/06/05
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  16. Is Home Ownership Really a Good Investment?2024/06/03
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  17. Secret Investing Strategies of the 1% (That Even YOU Can Do)2024/05/31
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  18. Is the Economy DOOMED? (And What to Do About It)2024/05/29
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  19. "Should We Sell Our House to Pay Off Student Loans?"2024/05/27
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  20. Millionaire Mission EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek!2024/05/24
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  21. Can I Afford My Dream Home? (I’d Have To Break Some Rules…)2024/05/22
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  22. How to Financially Prepare for a Baby2024/05/20
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  23. Why Americans Are Actually Broke! (2024 Edition)2024/05/17
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  24. How to Turn YOUR Side Hustle Into a Business!2024/05/15
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  25. Can My Wife Become a "Stay-at-Home Mom?"2024/05/13
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  26. Are You On Track to Becoming a Multi-Millionaire? (Don’t Miss These Important Milestones!)2024/05/10
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  27. "We Make $250k - What Should We Do Next?"2024/05/08
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  28. Should You Pay Cash or Finance for a Car?2024/05/06
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  29. The Dark Side of Being an American Millionaire! (2024 Edition)2024/05/03
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  30. The #1 Financial Regret of Americans (And How to Fix It)2024/05/01
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  31. Are You Paying WAY Too Much for a House?2024/04/29
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  32. Average 401(k) Balance by Age (2024 Edition)2024/04/26
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  33. What Should I Do If My 401(k) Sucks?2024/04/24
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  34. We’re FINALLY Going on Tour!!2024/04/22
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  35. Top 5 Wealth Killers in America!2024/04/19
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  36. What's Considered "High-Interest" Debt in 2024?2024/04/17
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  37. I Feel So Behind Financially! (How Do I Catch Up?)2024/04/15
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  38. Should We Use Retirement Money to Buy a House?2024/04/12
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  39. "We Lost Over HALF Our Income! What Should We Do Now?"2024/04/10
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  40. "Should I GIVE UP Trying to Buy a House?"2024/04/08
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  41. Financial Planning 101 (By Age) - The Complete Guide to Financial Success2024/04/05
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  42. Should I Make My Wife Work Longer?2024/04/03
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  43. "Should I Sell My Nvidia Stock?"2024/04/01
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  44. How Real People Become Millionaires (None of That Social Media Hogwash)2024/03/29
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  45. I Just Got Laid Off! What Now?2024/03/27
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  46. "I'm Saving 60% of My Income - Should I Stop?"2024/03/25
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  47. How to Become a Millionaire By Age (2024 Edition)2024/03/22
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  48. Best Financial Advice for Entering Your 30s!2024/03/20
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  49. What are Some of OUR Financial Mistakes?2024/03/18
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  50. A Beginner’s Guide to Investing in 20242024/03/15
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  51. You HAVE to Do This Before You Retire!2024/03/13
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  52. Do You Need a Budget?2024/03/11
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  53. "We're Having Our First Baby - What Should We Do?"2024/03/08
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  54. Does Investing Over 25% Make You a Tightwad?2024/03/06
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  55. How to Buy a House in an Expensive Area2024/03/04
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  56. Build Wealth With the 3 Bucket Strategy! (By Age) 2024 Edition2024/03/01
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  57. Best 4 Budgeting Apps! (Ranked By The Money Guy Team)2024/02/28
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  58. X% of Americans Don't Have $1,000! (Shocking Stat)2024/02/26
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  59. How to Win Financially Based on Your Income!2024/02/23
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  60. How to Invest When You're Self-Employed?2024/02/21
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  61. How to Quit Your Job the Right Way!2024/02/19
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  62. Should You Worry About a Housing Crash in 2024? with Dave Meyer of BiggerPockets2024/02/16
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  63. The Truth About Retirement Success (Stocks vs. Diversification)2024/02/14
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  64. "I'm Paying Cash for a Car - How Much Should I Spend?"2024/02/12
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  65. Top 5 Wealth-Building Challenges (And How to Overcome Them)2024/02/09
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  66. The Market Has OFFICIALLY Hit An All-Time High (Do This Right Now)2024/02/07
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  67. "I'm 28 with $120K - Can I Slow Down on Investing?"2024/02/05
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  68. Entrepreneurship vs. Employment: Which Path Leads to Financial Success?2024/02/02
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  69. Will the Market Crash in 2024?2024/01/31
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  70. How To Actually Win Financially In 2024! (Ignore Everything Else)2024/01/29
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  71. The FIRE Movement Is Dead! (What You Need to Know Now)2024/01/26
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  72. We’re Giving Away FREE Stuff (No, Really!)2024/01/24
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  73. "Should I Put 100K Into Real Estate or Index Funds?"2024/01/22
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  74. Are Millennials Doomed for Retirement? Breaking Down the Myths2024/01/19
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  75. When Should You Buy a New Car?2024/01/17
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  76. Should I Pay My House Off Early?2024/01/15
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  77. 5 Levels of Wealth AND How to Achieve Them! (2024 Edition)2024/01/12
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  78. How Much Cash is Too Much Cash?2024/01/10
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  79. How Can You "Bedazzle Your Basic Life" with Money?2024/01/08
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  80. Net Worth By Age in 2024: How Do You Stack Up?2024/01/05
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  81. How to Make Any Kid a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE!2024/01/03
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  82. Is Homeownership Officially Overrated in 2024? (Cost Breakdown)2024/01/01
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  83. Financial Advisors React to the WORST Financial Stories on Reddit2023/12/29
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  84. I Upgraded My Tesla - Was It Worth It?2023/12/27
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  85. Is the Market About to Hit an ALL-TIME HIGH? (Should You Be Worried?)2023/12/25
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  86. Insurance Companies Are Lying to You (Infinite Banking Exposed!)2023/12/22
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  87. "Is Retirement Even Possible?"2023/12/20
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  88. Is NOW the Right Time to Buy a House?2023/12/18
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  89. Financial Lies That Are Going VIRAL (Money Guy vs. The Internet)2023/12/15
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  90. Does It Ever Make Sense to Lease a Car?2023/12/13
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  91. “I’m One Million Dollars in Debt - What Should I Do?”2023/12/11
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  92. What's the Point of Saving 25% for Retirement?2023/12/08
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  93. How to Buy a House When Interest Rates are High2023/12/06
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  94. Q&A with Caleb Hammer!2023/12/04
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  95. How to Avoid Paying Taxes in 20242023/12/01
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  96. "Can I Stop Investing to Pay for a Car?"2023/11/29
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  97. "I Make $460K - How Much Should I Save?"2023/11/27
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  98. How to Be Wealthy By Age! (Can You Catch Up?)2023/11/24
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  99. What Counts as High-Interest Debt?2023/11/22
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  100. Can I Use 0% Financing for a Home Repair?2023/11/20
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  101. Dave Ramsey’s Most Controversial Videos!2023/11/17
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  102. Should I Sell My House or Keep It as a Rental?2023/11/15
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  103. "I'm 21 and Make $100K - What Should I Do?"2023/11/13
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  104. 4 Financial Risks That Are Worth Taking!2023/11/10
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  105. "Do I Have to Pay My Car Off in 3 Years?"2023/11/08
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  106. "I Inherited $100K - What Should I Do?"2023/11/06
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  107. How to Win Financially in the Messy Middle!2023/11/03
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  108. Should You Help Your Kids Buy a House?2023/11/01
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  109. "I'm Getting a Promotion - What Should I Do Next?"2023/10/30
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  110. Money Guy vs Dave Ramsey - How Much Should You Save for Retirement?2023/10/27
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  111. Stocks vs Real Estate - Which is Better?!2023/10/25
  112. What Are Bonds? (And Do You Need Them?)2023/10/23
  113. How to Buy a Car the RIGHT Way! (20/3/8 Rule)2023/10/20
  114. The Wait is Over…2023/10/18
  115. How to Start a Business the RIGHT Way!2023/10/16
  116. The Money Guy Show Audits Caleb Hammer!2023/10/13
  117. What is a "Luxury Car" - and Should You Buy One?2023/10/11
  118. "How Do I Budget with a Variable Income?"2023/10/09
  119. 9 Things You Need to Do Before 2023 Ends!2023/10/06
  120. Can This Annuity DESTROY Your Retirement?2023/10/04
  121. "When Should I Use My Emergency Fund?"2023/10/02
  122. Are We Headed for a Recession?2023/09/27
  123. Do You Need A Financial Advisor? (You Might Be Surprised!)2023/09/25
  124. What I Learned From Being BROKE! (And Why I Wouldn’t Change It)2023/09/22
  125. The IRS Just Changed the Rules About 401(k)s (What You Need to Know)2023/09/20
  126. How Much Should You Put Down on a Rental Property?2023/09/18
  127. Top 10 Mind-Blowing Money Stats! (2023 Edition)2023/09/15
  128. Wealth Multiplier Revealed: The Magic of Compound Interest!2023/09/13
  129. How Should You Invest as a Freelance Worker?2023/09/11
  130. From $0 to Millionaire in 10 Years (Is it Possible?)2023/09/08
  131. Dollar Cost Averaging Explained!2023/09/06
  132. The 20/3/8 Car-Buying Rule Explained (And Why It Works!)2023/09/04
  133. "When Should I Get Into Rental Real Estate?"2023/09/01
  134. Are You Richer Than Your Friends? (This Data Might Surprise You!)2023/08/30
  135. How Should You Pay Off Student Loans?2023/08/28
  136. Investing Showdown: Dollar Cost Averaging vs. Lump Sum!2023/08/25
  137. "Is Life Insurance A Pyramid Scheme?"2023/08/23
  138. Do I Need to Save 20% for Retirement Forever?2023/08/21
  139. Is Inflation Really Ruining Your Finances? (You Won’t Like the Answer)2023/08/18
  140. Are $1,000 Car Payments Becoming the New Norm?!2023/08/16
  141. "Should I Put 10% Down on My House?"2023/08/14
  142. Average Debt by Age! (How Do You Compare Against Other Americans?)2023/08/11
  143. Can We Really Trust the Stock Market?2023/08/09
  144. How to Buy a House in 20232023/08/07
  145. 34-Year-Old Millionaire Shares His Secrets with George Kamel2023/08/04
  146. How To Maximize Your Savings with High-Yield Accounts (Don't Miss Out!)2023/08/02
  147. Should I Prioritize Saving for a House Over Retirement?2023/07/31
  148. The Death of Millionaire Status: How Much You Really Need to be Rich2023/07/28
  149. "I'm 25 and Make $240k - What Should I Do?"2023/07/26
  150. The Perfect Graduation Gift for a Financial Mutant?2023/07/24
  151. 10 Truths About Winning in Life and With Money (Yes, You’re Doing it Wrong)2023/07/21
  152. Did We Hit the Market Bottom? (Investors Beware!)2023/07/19
  153. What All Should You Consider When Buying A Home?2023/07/17
  154. 3 Easy Ways to Find Money (Up to $2,602!) 2023/07/14
  155. "I'm New to Investing - What Should I Do?"2023/07/12
  156. How Do You Build Up Your Cash Reserves?2023/07/10
  157. Is It Possible to Spend Less Than 25% On Housing?2023/07/07
  158. "I Don't Qualify for a Roth IRA or an HSA - What Should I Do?"2023/07/05
  159. When Is It Okay to Spend More on a Car?2023/07/03
  160. Millionaires Share Their Secrets to Financial Success! (2023 Edition)2023/06/30
  161. Why Looking Wealthy is Keeping You From Being Wealthy!2023/06/28
  162. Do Millionaires Have 7 Sources of Income?!2023/06/26
  163. How to Become a Millionaire By Age! (2023 Edition)2023/06/23
  164. How Much Should You Save When You Have a Pension?2023/06/21
  165. How Do You Save for a Down Payment AND Retirement?2023/06/19
  166. How to Achieve FIRE By Income (Are You on Track?)2023/06/16
  167. New Data Shows Americans Are HORRIBLE at Investing (1% Returns?!)2023/06/14
  168. Will the Financial Order of Operations (FOO) Ever Change?2023/06/12
  169. Roth IRA vs Roth 401(k) - Which is Better?2023/06/09
  170. How Fear Could Cost You Millions!2023/06/07
  171. Should You Pay Extra on Your Mortgage Now?2023/06/05
  172. The Best and Worst Types of Life Insurance2023/06/02
  173. "I'm Paying Cash for a Car - How Much Should I Spend?"2023/05/31
  174. Should You Prioritize Retirement Savings or Your Kids' College Savings?2023/05/29
  175. How to Recover From 4 HORRIBLE Financial Mistakes!2023/05/26
  176. New Data: Active Investments Are Better Than Index Funds?2023/05/24
  177. "I Took Out a 401(k) Loan - What Should I Do?"2023/05/22
  178. Why Americans Are Actually Broke! (2023 Edition)2023/05/19
  179. Do I Still Need an Emergency Fund When I'm Retired?2023/05/17
  180. Is the U.S. Dollar On its Way Out?2023/05/15
  181. Build Wealth With the 3 Bucket Strategy! (By Age) 2023 Edition2023/05/12
  182. Debt Ceiling Crisis: World’s Financial System at Risk?2023/05/10
  183. "Should I Pause Investing to Pay Off My Mortgage?"2023/05/08
  184. Is NOW the Best Time to Invest in Real Estate? (With Scott Trench from BiggerPockets Money)2023/05/05
  185. Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Financial Advisors?2023/05/03
  186. "How Much of My Income Should I Spend On Housing?"2023/05/01
  187. How Much Cash Should You Keep On Hand?2023/04/28
  188. How to Save Thousands of Dollars in Taxes in 20242023/04/26
  189. What Should You Do With Side Hustle Money?2023/04/24
  190. Average 401(k) Balance by Age (2023 Edition)2023/04/21
  191. TikTok Products That Are Actually Worth the Money2023/04/19
  192. "I Want to Quit My Job...But They Have a Great 401(k)"2023/04/17
  193. The Dark Side of Being an American Millionaire!2023/04/14
  194. "My House is Down in Value - What Should I Do?"2023/04/12
  195. How Long Should it Take to Pay Off Your Car?2023/04/10
  196. How Rich People Get Rich in 2023 (Secrets Revealed!)2023/04/07
  197. Net vs. Gross Income - How Much Should You Be Saving?2023/04/05
  198. "I Have a 14% Car Loan - What Should I Do?"2023/04/03
  199. Popular Investing Strategies That Are Actually LOSING You Money2023/03/31
  200. Is the Bear Market Over?2023/03/29
  201. Should You Turn a Side Hustle into Your Main Job?2023/03/27
  202. How to Buy an Engagement Ring the RIGHT Way?2023/03/24
  203. Should You Get a 15-Year or 30-Year Mortgage?2023/03/22
  204. How to Get Your Kids to Start Investing2023/03/20
  205. Financial Planning 101 (By Age) 2023 Edition2023/03/17
  206. Should You Be Worried About Banks Collapsing? [Here’s the Truth]2023/03/15
  207. Best Ways to Save for College Tuition?2023/03/13
  208. Is the 2023 Housing Crash Around the Corner?2023/03/10
  209. Should You Buy a Car with Cash?2023/03/08
  210. How to Combine Finances the RIGHT Way!2023/03/06
  211. Watch This Before Rebalancing Your Investment Portfolio!2023/03/03
  212. Don’t Make This HUGE 401(k) Mistake!2023/03/01
  213. "How Do I STOP Feeling Guilty for Spending Money?"2023/02/27
  214. How Do You Figure Out Your Net Worth?2023/02/24
  215. Do THIS Before You Switch Jobs!2023/02/22
  216. "Do I Need a Financial Advisor?"2023/02/20
  217. Everything You Need to Know About Finances in Your 20s2023/02/17
  218. Americans are DESTROYING Their Financial Future! (New 2023 Data)2023/02/15
  219. "I'm Saving a Lot in My Twenties - Can I Retire Early?"2023/02/13
  220. The Most Valuable Asset in Building Wealth!2023/02/10
  221. How Many Americans Don’t Have $1,000?! (Shocking Stat)2023/02/08
  222. What's the Best Way to Buy a Car?2023/02/06
  223. Financial Hacks and Habits of the Top 1% (By Age)2023/02/03
  224. Beware of THESE College Degrees! (Did YOU Mess Up?)2023/02/01
  225. "I Paid Off My House Early - Did I Do It Wrong?"2023/01/30
  226. How to Win With Money in 2023!2023/01/27
  227. "I'm Changing Careers - How Should I Prepare?"2023/01/25
  228. How Should You Donate Using Investment Accounts?2023/01/23
  229. How to Invest When Your Income Changes Monthly2023/01/20
  230. "Should I Put More Money Toward My Loans or Retirement?"2023/01/18
  231. How Should You Invest During a Market Downturn?2023/01/16
  232. 5 Levels of Wealth AND How to Achieve Them! (2023 Edition)2023/01/13
  233. Will the SECURE Act 2.0 Negatively Impact Your Finances?2023/01/11
  234. "I'm Buying a Car Soon - Where Should I Park My Cash?"2023/01/09
  235. Average Net Worth By Age in 2023!2023/01/06
  236. How People REALLY Feel About Money! (Shockingly BAD Stats)2023/01/04
  237. What Should You Do With Your 401(k) When You Get a New Job?2023/01/02
  238. Win Financially During a Recession! (Everything You Need to Know)2022/12/30
  239. What's the Best Way to Use an HSA?2022/12/28
  240. How Much Do You ACTUALLY Need for a Down Payment?2022/12/26
  241. Financial Advisors Share What They WISH They Knew About Money Earlier!2022/12/23
  242. Top Financial Tools to Help You Win in 2023!2022/12/21
  243. What to Do When You Get an Inheritance?2022/12/19
  244. Top 4 Money Mistakes People Make During the Holidays!2022/12/16
  245. How to Find Out How Much You Need for Retirement?2022/12/14
  246. Are You Actually Saving Enough for Retirement?2022/12/12
  247. The Fed Just BROKE the Car Market!2022/12/09
  248. Should You Pay Off Your House Early or Save for Future Expenses?2022/12/07
  249. Is "The Lost Decade" Real?2022/12/05
  250. Dave Ramsey vs. The Money Guy: Which Strategy is The Best?2022/12/02
  251. Mark Cuban: “If You Use Credit Cards, You Don’t Want to Be Rich!” (Money Guy Reacts)2022/11/30
  252. "How Do I Save for Retirement and Still Enjoy Life Now?"2022/11/28
  253. Top 4 Financial Mistakes We Saw This Year!2022/11/25
  254. "I Made Money Selling My House - What Should I Do With It?"2022/11/23
  255. What Should You Do When You Start Making More Money?2022/11/21
  256. How Millionaires Build Wealth! (With Dave Ramsey)2022/11/18
  257. IRS Changes the Government Does NOT Want You to Know About!2022/11/16
  258. How Much Do You Need for an Emergency Fund?2022/11/14
  259. Do These 4 Things with Your Finances BEFORE 2023!2022/11/11
  260. "I'm Saving 25% - What Should I Do Next?"2022/11/09
  261. What Should You Do After a Financial Setback?2022/11/07
  262. How to Win When the Financial World is Burning!2022/11/04
  263. Are Debit Cards More Dangerous Than Credit Cards?!2022/11/02
  264. "I Got a Higher-Paying Job - What Should I Do Next?"2022/10/31
  265. Should I Keep Renting or Buy a House?2022/10/28
  266. 96% of People Misuse the Most Powerful Investment Account! (Yes, You, Too!)2022/10/26
  267. How Much Should You Invest with a Lower Income?2022/10/24
  268. Loss Harvesting: Why Wealthy People Love It (And You Should Too!)2022/10/21
  269. How Do You Approach Buying Life Insurance?2022/10/19
  270. How Much Should You REALLY Put Down On Your First House?2022/10/17
  271. The Market is Crashing! (Where Should You Put Your Money?)2022/10/14
  272. A New Era - Unveiling the Next Chapter of the Money Guy2022/10/12
  273. How Do I Convince My Friends to Invest?2022/10/10
  274. Will Rising Interest Rates Tank the Economy?2022/10/07
  275. How Should You Handle Finances With Your Spouse?2022/10/05
  276. So, You Won the Lottery - What Should You Do Now?2022/10/03
  277. How to Be Wealthy By Age! (Can You Catch Up?)2022/09/30
  278. 4 Ways to Tap Your Home Equity (And Why You Shouldn’t Do It!)2022/09/28
  279. When Should You Get Into Rental Real Estate?2022/09/26
  280. Can Money Buy Happiness? (Here’s the Truth)2022/09/23
  281. Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Early or Invest More?2022/09/21
  282. "Will I Ever Stop Feeling Broke?!"2022/09/19
  283. Passive Income EXPOSED: 3 Ways to Actually Make Money (2022 Edition)2022/09/16
  284. Should You Stop Investing to Pay Off Student Loans?2022/09/14
  285. How Do You Build Generational Wealth?2022/09/12
  286. Millionaires Share Their Secrets to Financial Success! [2022 Edition]2022/09/09
  287. "Am I Saving Too Much for Retirement?"2022/09/07
  288. How Should Your Emergency Fund Change Over Time?2022/09/05
  289. Dumb Financial Decisions Americans Make [Do You?]2022/09/02
  290. Student Loan Forgiveness is Finally Here! (What You Need to Know)2022/08/31
  291. HSA's EXPLAINED - Best Ways to Use Your Health Savings Account!2022/08/29
  292. Who’s Right About the Housing Market Crash? (Dave Ramsey vs. Graham Stephan)2022/08/26
  293. Should You Dip Into Your Emergency Fund?2022/08/24
  294. Roth IRA vs. 401(k) - Which Should You ACTUALLY Start With?2022/08/22
  295. 3 Things You SHOULD Spend Money On (Even During a Recession)2022/08/19
  296. Are These Celebrities LYING To You About Money?2022/08/17
  297. The 3-Bucket Strategy EXPLAINED!2022/08/15
  298. 3 WORST Types of Financial Crooks [Don't Get Scammed!]2022/08/12
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