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  1. Priuscast 33 - Casual Mafia Interview2010/08/03
    (Rec 2/15/10) Interview with Josh Macuga of the Casual Mafia about their Prius anthem - the comedy song/video, "In My Prius". See: Blog at Voice mail at (515) 999-0227. "In My Prius" by
  2. Priuscast 32b - Mileage Update2010/07/04
    A short bonus episode: As I say goodbye to my 2007 Prius, it is time to check in one final time and see what the overal gas mileage was. Blog at Voice mail at (515) 999-0227. "In My Prius" by
  3. Priuscast 32a - Brake Update Update2010/05/26
    (Recorded 2/12/2010) A short bonus episode: My Prius got its first software update to address a braking issue. Blog at Voice mail at (515) 999-0227. "In My Prius" by
  4. Priuscast 32 - The Year We Make Payments2010/01/30
    Feedback from Charles and Olaf, news about plug-in Priuses, floor mat and gas pedal recalls, and, oh, I have a new 2010 Prius! Blog at Voice mail at (515) 999-0227. "In My Prius" by
  5. Priuscast 31 - Nav of 20102010/01/25
    A snow tale, leasing questions, then Allen explores the 2010 Prius interior and navigation system! Blog at Voice mail at (515) 999-0227. "In My Prius" by
  6. Priuscast 30 - Of Mats and Men2009/12/04
    Toyota has an issue with floor mats (Bob Daly audio). Plus, Prius iPhone and Facebook games. Blog at Voice mail at (515) 999-0227. "In My Prius" by
  7. Priuscast 29 - The Other Half2009/10/27
    I'm back! Some feedback, and I chat with Mike (e-mail from episode 28) about driving a non-Prius. Blog at Voice mail at (515) 999-0227. "In My Prius" by
  8. Priuscast 28 - 2010 Again2009/07/20
    New Toyota Prius videos, feedback from Lora, Paul checks in from Germany, and Mike checks out the 2010. Blog at Voice mail at (515) 999-0227. "In My Prius" by
  9. Priuscast 27 - New Thoughts2009/07/14
    New Prius ads on TV, and new thoughts about seeing the 2010 Prius for the first time. Blog at
  10. Priuscast 26 - Surprising Pricing2009/07/14
    2010 Prius pricing has been announced! Also, Toyota is posting tons of Prius videos on YouTube. Blog at
  11. Priuscast 25 - Smart Key2009/05/18
    A mainstream car magazine sure has a ton of coverage for non-mainstream cars lately, plus an in-car discussion of the Smart Key system. Blog at
  12. Priuscast 24 - One Million Down2009/05/18
    One million Toyota/Lexus hybrids sold in America, but who's counting? Toyota certifies used hybrids. The 37 mystery. Plus mileage. Blog at
  13. Priuscast 23 - Snow Day2009/02/16
    In a battle of snow versus Prius, I'm surprised my Prius held it's own. Also, feedback from Mike and John in California, and my Toyota salesguy Dave chimes in on when the 2010 Prius may be hitting his showroom floor... Blog at
  14. Priuscast 22 - The 2010 Prius2009/01/13
    On Monday, January 12, 2009, the new 3rd generation 2010 Prius was revealed at the Detroit Auto Show. After hearing from Josh in KC about his Prius, we read through Toyota's press release and learn more about this new Prius.
  15. Priuscast 21 - Green Grass2008/12/17
    The grass may seem greener, but how does a $99 TomTom navigation unit compare to the Prius navigation system? And what features are missed most when forced to be without a Prius for two weeks?
  16. Priuscast 20 - Total Cost to Own2008/11/19
    Is buying a $15,000 car cheaper than buying a $22,000 Prius? Well, I sure hope so! But if you don't consider the "Total Cost to Own," you may not know.
  17. Priuscast 19 - Talking Spreadsheet2008/10/20
    Huw, Terry, and Werner write in, then I revisit my mileage spreadsheet, and share some comments on the 2010 Prius and some of it's upcoming competition. Spiffy.
  18. Priuscast 18 - Three Men and a Hybrid2008/10/17
    Chris from Montanna writes in, then three very different guys, Allen, Mike and Andy, talk about how they all ended up choosing Toyota Hybrids.
  19. Priuscast 17 - Thirteen Dollars2008/10/17
    Can I survive one day without my Prius? Can my wallet? WARNING: Contains Whining.
  20. ACP at New Media Expo 20082008/08/15
    Another Crappy Podcast got a short interview on the Leo Laporte TWiT Live video show at the New Media Expo in Las Vegas today. Special thanks to Steve Bjork for making it happen.
  21. Priuscast 17b - Toyota Live Web Feed Update2008/08/13
    If you are just subscribed to the original iTunes feed, you are probably a few episodes behind. This is a reminder.
  22. Priuscast 16 - Take a Number2008/08/13
    Potential Prius buyers now face long waits and, in some cases, inflated prices as demand outstrips supply. And some stuff that should have been in the previous episode about a Bluetooth problem I have found. And more.
  23. Priuscast 15 - Research Perception and Bluetooth2008/08/13
    Josh writes in, I ramble about the car I almost bought, we discuss why Dodge thinks $2.99 per gallon is cheap, and we take a "live" audio trip to get an oil change and play with the hands-free speaker phone system. (mp3 hosted by
  24. Priuscast 14 - My My Mileage2008/05/28
    Should we talk about the weather? What if it affects milage? And what do Vinson and David have to write in about? Find out in this thrilling Priuscast episode... (mp3 hosted by
  25. Priuscast 13-Earth Hour Sellout2008/05/28
    Earth Hour - for those who can't give a day? Also, Allen gets called out for selling out. Oh, and some Prius News from this past March 2008. (mp3 hosted by
  26. Priuscast 12 - This Just In2008/05/28
    A Toyota submarine? A Prius home? Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson k-i-s-s-i-n-g? All these, and more prius headlines from February 2008 in this exciting episode. (mp3 hosted by
  27. Priuscast 11 - Cheaper to Buy2008/04/01
    Josh in Kansas writes in. An SUV driver gets a Prius for free, sorta. And my Prius gets its first maintenance. Plus, Prius news. (mp3 hosted by
  28. Priuscast 10 - Number Two2008/02/03
    Welcome to 2008, happy birthday Prius, and did you hear the big news about Toyota? Also, listener mail! Finally. (mp3 hosted by
  29. 2008 Another Crappy Podcast Promo2008/01/26
    An all-in-one promo for the 2008 Another Crappy Podcast podcasts, including the Park Hopping Podcast, Rencast, Priuscast, Kingdom Herald, Disgruntled Disney Dweeb, Pirate Comedy Show Downloadable Audio File Show, and Journey into iPhone.
  30. Priuscast 9 - The Latest2008/01/16
    My winter milage is on the decline, darnit, so we'll just focus on more Prius news instead of me griping about getting "only" 40 miles per gallon. (mp3 hosted by
  31. Priuscast 8 - In the News2007/12/03
    The Prius turns up in news articles daily, so here is a summary of some of those articles from the last few weeks. Also, a listen to the voice navigation feature that let's you enter an addres by speaking. (mp3 hosted by
  32. Priuscast 7 - Here There and Everywhere2007/11/09
    One rare, now the Prius seems to show up everywhere... including in animated TV shows. Plus, some comments on the new 2008 model, more real world gas milage, plus much, much less! (mp3 hosted by
  33. Priuscast 6 - Where Did That Come From?2007/11/09
    Two years of driving a Prius and I am still discovering things. Also, a look at what kind of milage I am getting in my '07 Prius, and how it compares to an '07 Yaris. (mp3 hosted by
  34. Priuscast 5 - Trading Up2007/08/08
    I used to drive a 2005 Prius, but now I drive a 2007 model. Was the trade up worth it? Find out... (mp3 hosted by
  35. Priuscast Toyota Live Web Update2007/07/04
    The folks over at are going to be hosting this podcast for me for awhile, so drop by there to subscribe directly to their feed to make sure you don't miss an episode.
  36. Priuscast 5 - Parlez-vous Prius?2007/03/14
    How many languages does your car speak?
  37. Priuscast 4 - My Generation2007/03/02
    A further look at those EPA milage numbers and why they may be very different in 2008, then some comments on how the Prius has evolved since first being introduced in 1997. (mp3 hosted by
  38. Priuscast 3 - Navigation Road Trip2007/02/21
    An audio "sound hearing" tour of the Prius and its GPS navigation system. (mp3 hosted by
  39. Priuscast 2 - Your Milage May Vary2007/02/01
    Those EPA tests used to calculate milage ratings in car ads are good for reference, but don't necessarily reflect real world driving conditions. The Prius seems to have an unfair advantage when it comes to these tests, so I present my actual milage. (mp3 hosted by
  40. Priuscast 1 - Why I Drive a Prius2007/01/20
    The journey begins! We all have different reasons for wanting certain cars, and this episode explains how I ended up with a Toyota Prius. (mp3 hosted by
  41. Priuscast 0 - Teaser2005/10/13
    A quick intro explaining a bit (well, okay, not much) about what this podcast will be about.
Priuscast (old feed) - See for current feed.
A podcast for those considering buying a Toyota Prius hybrid car. Hear one new owner's opinions of the pros and cons of this unique vehicle. Thanks to for distributing new episodes on their site. (This site will just mirror those episodes, a month or so after they are posted.)