Search for the Best Mocha Latte In the World

  1. first ever video episode! Nashville 2013/04/09
    I filmed this at a pilot/concept back in 2008. Enjoy!
  2. San Franciso, CA; and special guest Amy Ferraris, film maker and coffee lover2010/02/26
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  3. Montreal, Quebec Canada; guests Gene and Dave from Rick Steves Europe Through the Back Door2009/04/18
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  4. Seattle, WA; the goddess Caffeina and an interview with Ray of Caffe Vita2008/07/25
    Do you know what movie the intro came from? This week finds circus boy BACK after his long podcasting hiatus. We join him on his trip to Seattle and get to meet Ray of Caffe Vita as well as a Caffeine Goddess in a Seattle back alley. All of this plus the cafe scene in Seattle and a new hit from Moddog. So, be a pal and listen to it already!
  5. New Years Greetings and a BIG announcement2008/01/02
    This is a wee bite-sized podcast as Circus Boy rings in the new year in style on Palm Beach, FL and makes a BIG announcement about the future of coffee and the circus...or is it circus and the life of coffee.....oh, wait, or is it the kind of coffee a circus likes....well, you'll have to listen to find out!
  6. Duluth/Atlanta, GA; Tulsa, OK; visiting the Lebanon, PA Farmers Market to settle a coffee bet2007/11/16
    This week finds Circus Boy all over the country as we find him flying down Rt. 40 in the Flying Dutchman and visiting the Farmers Market in Lebanon, PA with his dear old dad as they settle the coffee bet once and for all. All of this and the coffee scenes in Duluth/Atlanta, GA and Tulsa, OK as well as an all new hit from the one, the only, MODDOG. So, put down that Wii and give it a listen!
  7. Topeka, KS; Interview with Jeff Taylor co-founder, coffee buyer, and roaster of PT's coffee and a Circus Boy podcast hiatus update2007/10/25
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  8. One year anniversary special episode! Exclusive coffee interview with the Peabody Duckmaster, a new espresso, AND a surprise guest host 2007/08/15
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  9. Memphis, TN; an exclusive interview with Melissa of La Taza and an update on circus life2007/07/24
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  10. Tupelo/Pontotoc, MS; Father's Day special interview with my dad2007/06/21
    This week finds Circus Boy making a bet with his father over coffee as he interviews his father and grills him on the coffee history of the family. All of this plus the coffee scenes in Tupelo/Pontotoc, Mississippi, some ideas for Father's Day gifts, and of course, a new rockin' hit from Moddog. So, stop eying that salad, order a plate of ribs and check it out!
  11. Beaumont, TX; Lake Charles/Denham Springs, LA; interview with homeroaster Elli Work of Earthling Coffee2007/06/13
    This week finds Circus Boy in Elvis's birthplace, Tupelo, Mississippi. We get to find out about home roasting coffee as we meet Elli Work or Earthling Coffee in Newport, Oregon. Plus, the coffee scenes from Beaumont, TX as well as Lake Charles/Denham Springs, LA. All this and a cajun cookin' toe-tapper from Moddog. So boil some crawfish and come across the bayou and check it out!
  12. Waikiki Beach/Haliewa, HI; an interview with a Kona coffee farmer and final thoughts on Hawaii2007/06/04
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  13. Kona/Hilo, HI; an interview with master coffee cupper Willem Boot and a visit to Waikiki beach2007/05/26
    This week finds Circus Boy in paradise (aka- Hawaii) cupping coffee and sipping mocha lattes in Kona coffee country. You'll get to visit the famous Waikiki beach and meet world renowned coffee consultant and cupper Willem Boot ( All of this plus the coffee scenes from Kona and Hilo, Hawaii as well as a new, explosive, hit from Moddog. Pick a pineapple and check it out!
  14. El Paso/Amarillo/Lubbock, TX; Artesia, NM Circus boy at 30,000 feet and a surprise chat with my brother in Seattle2007/05/18
    This week finds Circus Boy on the move from Atlanta to 30,000ft and 500mph in the air and you'll be there right along with him. We also travel to Seattle and Oregon to catch up with Circus Boy siblings and as always a new song premier from Moddog, so open that bag of roasted peanuts and skip the in-flight movie and give this podcast a listen!
  15. Taos/Albuquerque, NM a followup with Crave coffee and a #1 hit from Moddog2007/05/10
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  16. Tulsa/Durant, OK and a special interview with coffee artist extraordinaire Karen Eland2007/04/25
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  17. South Padre Island, TX/Ft. Smith, AR/ Kearney, NE/ Salina, KS and an interview with the Circus Songstress Liliana Escobar2007/04/18
    This week finds Circus Boy traversing large distances in the Flying Dutchman all while drink copious mocha lattes around the central USA. 4 coffee scenes plus an exclusive coffee interview with the Circus Songstress Liliana Escobar. All of this coffee excitement plus a preview for next week's exciting show AND a new Moddog hit.
  18. Hidalgo/McAllen/Edinburg, TX and the BIG interview with Winter from the new coffee movie Starbucking2007/04/03
    This week finds Circus Boy in South Padre Island with the sand and the surf while he brings you the BIG interview with the coffee man himself, Winter. You'll get to meet him, find out what makes him tick, and hear about his role in the new movie Starbucking. All of this plus 3 coffee scenes in south Texas and a new world premier song from Moddog. So put on some coffee and check it out!
  19. Laredo, TX; an interview with star barista AJ from The Roasterie and a big announcement about next week2007/03/27
    This week finds Circus Boy on the border, literally, in Laredo Texas. He talks about the coffee scene in Laredo (or lack thereof) and sits down with star barista AJ from The Roasterie in Kansas City, MO. All of this plus a huge, gigantic....gargantuan announcement about next week's podcast and a new music exclusive from Moddog, check it out!
  20. Waco/San Angelo/Wichita Falls, TX; a chat with another Circus Boy Nathan from Nashville, and we go flying in the Flying Dutchman2007/03/20
    This week finds Circus Boy on the road..literally...en route to Wichita Falls, TX as your fly along with him in the Flying Dutchman. Plus, we get to to meet another Circus Boy Nathan who lives in Nashville, TN. All this, plus the FINAL clue in the first ever contest and a great Texas line-dancin' hit from Moddog. So pull out your boots and your cowboy hat and give it a listen.
  21. Ottumwa, IA/Nashville, TN and a special on location interview with the Bean Booster himself, Jason from The Roasterie2007/03/07
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  22. Evansville, IN and Shelbyville, TN interview with Frick from and a motorcycle trip2007/02/26
    This week finds Circus Boy taking you on baord with him as he searches out a coffee shop in beautiful southern Tennessee. All of this plus the coffee scenes from the split circus week as well as the long-awaited interview with Frick from the Frickin Circus podcast AND a new music exclusive from Moddog. It's chuck full and good listening, check it out!
  23. Pikeville, KY & Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC frozen water hoses and a new member in my coffee family!2007/02/17
    This week finds Circus Boy trying to stay warm by drinking some tasty coffee in the flying dutchman while he reflects on RVs, frozen water hoses, and the new member to his coffee family. All of this, and the coffee scenes in chilly Pikeville, KY and Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC and I talk about my visit to Counter Culture Coffee
    . So sip some brew and give it a chew (or a listen)
  24. Charlotte, NC PART 1 and a Best of Moddog music extravaganza2007/02/10
    This week finds Circus Boy sick with a cold in a very chilly Charlotte, NC. So, what better to do when one has a cold but to sit in a heated structure (in his case an RV), drink coffee, and listen to some good music (Moddog in the house!). This is part 1 of the Charlotte coffee and a mest of Moddog music epsiode. Check it out, you'll be glad you did!
  25. Daytona Beach, FL and a special military guest Capt. Ware2007/02/01
    This week finds Circus Boy in chilly Charlotte, NC drinking espresso while trying to stay warm and keep the Flying Dutchman level. Plus, the coffee scene in Daytona Beach, FL and special coffee military guest, Capt. Ware. All of this and a new bananna-eating all new music exclusive from Moddog, so eat a bananna and brew a cup and give it a listen!
  26. Sarasota, FL; Coffee with the Clowns!; podcast nomenclature2007/01/25
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  27. Lakeland, FL and special guest Pianoman Larry Hunt2007/01/17
    This week finds Circus Boy amidst an historic opening night for the circus in Sarasota, FL. Plus, another circus guest Pianoman Larry Hunt graces the podcast with his presence. Plus, the coffee scene in Lakeland, FL and an all new Moddog hit, Lakes at Lakeland. Check it out!
  28. West Palm Beach/Ft. Myers, FL and special coffee/circus guest Ringmaster/Lion Tamer Ted McRae2007/01/09
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  29. West Palm Beach, FL New Year's Eve special!2007/01/02
    This week finds circus boy on the beach during the morning of new year's eve reflecting on the past year as well as forcasting exciting things to come. So, come to this beautiful sunny beach and join in by drinking a cup of coffee or a shot (or five) of espresso and wish one and all, a happy new year!
  30. Charlottesville/Williamsburg, VA; wisdom teeth and a new moddog hit2006/12/14
    This week finds Circus Boy lamenting the fate of his wisdom teeth as well as checking out the local coffee scenes in Williamsburg and Charlottesville, VA. All of this and a rockin new hit from Moddog, check it out!
  31. Roanoke, VA and the long awaited Crave coffee shop interview!!!2006/12/07
    This week finds Circus Boy roaming around the eastern US broadcasting from a coffee shop in beautiful Williamsburg, VA. Plus, the long awaited Crave coffee shop interview with Corey! All of this and a new Moddog hit, so make a pot of coffee or pull some shots of espresso and check it out!
  32. Turkey Day Special! Thanksgiving dinner/Black Friday2006/11/30
    This week the turkeys rule as Circus Boy explores how coffee and thanksgiving and family all mix together. Plus, he'll take you along on his black friday shopping excursion. All this and a new exclusive from Moddog make for a coffee drinking tryptophan induced thanksgiving special!
  33. Elmira/Corning/Binghamton, NY coffee scenes; Bean 2 Bowel part 5: Bowel; Turkey Day preview2006/11/22
    This weeks cast of podding finds circus boy staying warm with espresso, and to ward off the cold he presents Bean 2 Bowel's final installment, part 5: Bowel. All this and the coffee scenes in Elmira/Corning/Binghamton, NY plus a preview of next week's crazy Turkey/Black Friday show and new Moddog throwback to yesteryear. Oh yeah, and I'm opening up the intro to the most creative call in!
  34. Wheeling, WV; Bean 2 Bowel series part 4, and a NEW member to my coffee family! 2006/11/14
    Brewing is this week's feature in the Bean 2 Bowel series part 4; rumor has it that there's another new addition to Circus boy's coffee family. Moddog releases his all new experimental music while the Best Mocha Latte search checks out the Wheeling, WV coffee scene, and the pacific migrating humpback whales endorse the podcast, so check it out!
  35. I'm back! Portland, ME; Syracuse, NY; Reading/Lebanon/Erie, PA and coffee with the circus band2006/11/07
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  36. Lake Placid, NY; Bean 2 Bowel series Part 3: Grinders and a walk around the circus lot.2006/10/09
    This week's search finds Circus Boy amidst the fall foliage in the Adirondack Mountains as we explore Part 3: Grinders in the Bean 2 Bowel series, the bean scene in Lake Placid, NY, and we take a walk around the circus lot at the Olympic center. So, stop reading this, make a cup of coffee already and give it a listen!
  37. Canton/Toledo, OH and Bean 2 Bowel series Part 2: Harvesting and Roasting2006/10/03
    This week finds Circus boy spilling beanage info from lofty heights on the circus lot in Toledo, OH, plus part 2 of the Bean 2 Bowel series and a new Moddog toe-tapper, check it out!
  38. Louisville, KY coffee scene and the Bean 2 Bowel series premier!2006/09/25
    This week finds Circus Boy scoping out the coffee scene in Louisville, KY as well as launching the Bean 2 Bowel (B2B) series where part 1 features a brief history of coffee as well as an intro into how coffee is grown. Plus, a new hit (the best yet) fresh from Moddog. 9 out of 10 goatherds say, "cheack it out!"
  39. Ames/Des Moines, IA chocolate sauces, elephant appreciation, AND I interview my parents!2006/09/18
    What a week, this week the search passes through Ames/Des Moines, IA , we'll open the forum on chocolate syrups/sauces, I grill my parents on coffee and remember...celebrate your elephant!
  40. Cedar Rapids, IA and an interview will a real-life barista!2006/09/11
    The search is off the chain this week as I taste mocha lattes in Cedar Rapids, IA; Evansville, IN; Bloomington, IL as well as an exciting interview with Cedar Rapids's premier barista, Josh. All this and a new Moddog exclusive premier, Cold Stream Canyon. So, pull a shot or brew a cup, sit down, and enjoy!
  41. Augusta, GA special on the road edition broadcast plus a surprise phone inerview2006/09/04
    Join me this week as I am sailing the flying Dutchman down westbound I-20 in Georgia. I discuss the coffee scene in Augusta and feature a first ever bestmochalatte phone interview as well as a moddog exclusive musical ode to a former member of our beloved solar system.
  42. Savannah/Tybee Island, GA; Jonesboro, AR; and Hilton Head Island, SC with special guest Lloyd2006/08/27
    This week we hang out in a cozy park in downtown Savannah, GA with special guest Lloyd to review the coffee scenes in Jonesboro, AR; Savannah/Tybee Island, GA; and Hilton Head Island, SC along with a surprise visit from world famous clown Tom.
  43. Monroe, LA & Jonesboro, AR w/ special guest Mitko from Bulgaria2006/08/21
    Join the search this week as I review the coffee scenes in Ruston, LA ; Monroe, LA & Jonesboro, AR as well as great coffee talk with Bulgian teeterboard circus star Mitko!
  44. World Premier of the Search for the Best Mocha Latte in the World Podcast!2006/08/13
Circus Coffee's Search for the Best Mocha Latte In the World
Travel and taste with me as I tour North America playing with the Circus and Circus Coffee, continuing on my quest for the "Best Mocha Latte in the World." Each week will include interviews with coffee professionals, really cool people that like coffee, highlights of each town's local coffee scene, topics of coffee and circus interest, as well as exclusive music from Moddog.....this just might be the best coffee talk of your week!