1. Episode 779: Formula is coming back2022/06/06
    There is a renewed effort to get baby formula production up; crypto and drones get regulation heavy.
  2. Episode 778: "Enough"2022/06/03
    POTUS calls for AR15 and high capacity magazine ban. AAA warns about teen crashes. FDA could soon approve COVID vax for tots.
  3. Episode 777: Another one and it BARELY makes headlines2022/06/02
    Mass shooting in OK, not OK. Harris stresses clean water and hot air balloon accident injures 3.
  4. Episode 776: Mask on, Mask off2022/06/01
    Baller in trouble again, it's Pride Month and Gator bites, kills man.
  5. Episode 775: Final Goodbyes in Uvalde Continue2022/05/31
    Hurricane Agatha has introduced herself; Guitar companies battle it out: and Mona Lisa makes it out ok.
  6. Episode 774: Free Funerals for Kids...2022/05/27
    Funeral home in Uvalde offers free services. A witch from back in the day in Salem, is cleared. People are jammin' out of San Francisco.
  7. Episode 772: We've Been Here Before2022/05/25
    Only one more child to match #sandyhook. Congress has blood on its hands.
  8. Episode 771: Walmart FAIL2022/05/24
    And seriously abortion is still in the news and it's the 21st century.
  9. Episode 724: New Variant to Scare the F Out of Us2022/03/10
    Just as things seem to be chillin'...
  10. Episode 722: And Just Like That...2022/03/08
    The CDC says COVID is here to stay...
  11. Episode 719: Covid is Long and Can Last a Lifetime....2022/03/03
    But let's research whyyyyyy!
  12. Episode 718: Time to "Get Back to Work"2022/03/02
    Did we ever NOT work?
  13. Episode 715: To Mask or not to Mask...2022/02/25
    THAT is the question. (Please do mask.)
  14. Episode 711: Party Like It's 20192022/02/21
    Australia opens its borders for the first time in nearly 2 years. #party
  15. Episode 710: 1,000,000 Lost To COVID2022/02/17
    A sobering note.
  16. Episode 709: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Long COVID Related2022/02/16
    The two syndromes have markers that link them.
  17. Episode 708: The Vaccines Work2022/02/15
    Against the new subvariant of omicron.
  18. Episode 705: The CONVOY is Coming, the CONVOY is Coming.2022/02/10
    They're spreading like wildfire. The anti-vaxxers with monster trucks.
  19. Episode 698: Moderna Gets Formal Approval2022/02/01
    How many will now run to get their FDA approved vaccine NOW?
  20. Episode 696: Family Loses Home, Can't Smell Smoke2022/01/28
    Their toddler child wakes them so they get out of the home in time.
  21. Episode 693: "Stealth" omicron is upon us...2022/01/25
    I mean, how much more of this can we take?
  22. Episode 692: Anti-Vaxxers Out En Masse2022/01/24
    Because... Science!
  23. Episode 686: Supremes Shut Down VAX Mandate2022/01/14
    for large companies, but allow healthcare worker mandate for companies that accept Medicaid and Medicare.
  24. Episode 684: Everyone's Got it2022/01/12
    It's the new "in-thing".... NOT.
  25. Episode 681: The new Line, "Get Boosted".2022/01/07
    Medical journal says Moderna & Pfizer boosts offer robust protection.
  26. Episode 676: Who Carries a Sharpened Broomstick?2021/12/30
    Anti-vaxxer in Seattle attacks bartender for doing her job.
  27. Episode 673: 2nd Booster for Some2021/12/27
    In Israel anyway...
  28. Episode 670: Winter of Death2021/12/21
    is coming.... Per the White House.
  29. Episode 658: Trump WAS Infected at the Debate2021/12/03
    As if we didn't know that by how CRAY he was acting.
  30. Episode 653: I GOT COVID2021/11/14
    And it's just as heinous as you imagined, and much worse. Yes I AM vaxxed.
  31. Episode 647: Let's Party Like It's 20192021/10/28
    Marti Gras could be back on next year! WOOOOOT!
  32. Episode 631: Ivermectin or Die2021/10/06
    Or just die, because it's not proven OR effective folks...
  33. Episode 540: Did it Come From a Lab?2021/05/24
    We're still discussing where the virus came from...
  34. Things Get Grim in Calif.2020/03/20
    Total lockdown except "essential"
  35. California Gets Drastic2020/03/16
    Daily #coronavirus Update
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